Spiritual Counseling * Medium “Reading”

 $100.00- per session

You may experience a "reading" by phone or in person by appointment. Kimberly will touch upon people who have passed to the other side, people in your life now and answer all of your questions. Reading sessions provide healing, support, direction, guidance from your loved ones and your divine source.

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Kimberly Kelleher


Tutorials are available in Mediumship, Meditation and Healing modalities. Kimberly will help you establish your goals, determine action steps and provide guidance and support for you to create your ideal life.

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Mediumship: Sessions can be in person,skype or phone. Expect to experience the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Physical and Mental Mediumship modalities. Expect that you will be doing the work and revealing your gifts.

Meditation: True meditation is achieving transcendence. You will be given the tools to achieve this extraordinary experience.

Healing: Together we will determine the cause of your "dis-ease". We will decide on a course of action to bring you into a state of peace, balance and harmony.