Kimberly Kelleher

We give thanks for the presence of God, the guidance and protection of angels and direct communication from Spirit and Spirit loved ones who we call forth now. May Spirit Loved ones show themselves clearly so that  all those present may receive these blessings. We give thanks for guidance, wisdom and blessings received. Amen.

Meet Kimberly Kelleher

Prayer for all

Lily Dale, NY

Kimberly Kelleher began her quest on the path of Spiritualism in 1992. Kimberly is a Registered Medium and year round resident in Lily Dale, NY. She is an active member of the Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale and a member of the Mediums League. She has a Master of Science degree with over 20 years of teaching and program development. She lectures and teaches classes in Spiritualism, mediumship, meditation and healing modalities. Kimberly actively serves the Lily Dale Assembly summer program. Kimberly is also a Board Certified Naturopath, N.D.,Ph.D. Kimberly uses various forms of natural healing and realizes we must take responsibility for the quality of our entire life. Kimberly is available all year by appointment in person or by phone for Spiritual Counseling and Evidential Mediumship.